For several years now, virtual reality and three-dimensional reconstructions have been a new way of enjoying art and understanding history, but the real revolution of the moment is immersive virtual reality with the help of VR.

Spherae Virtual Tour is the first itinerant tourist visit ever made with the help of virtual reality, in the most suggestive sites of Ancient Rome: an innovative, exciting and engaging experience.

During each visit, visitors will be provided with a multilingual audio guide and guided by specialists in an evocative walk through the monuments of Rome, alternated with moments of rest during which, wearing the VR viewer, they will be able to admire the visual effects of the animated three-dimensional reconstructions that will surround them 360°.

An unforgettable immersive experience in the “Caput Mundi“!

Spherae Virtual Tour is a project conceived and realized by Spherae Group, a company based in Rome composed of a multidisciplinary team of professionals united by a passion for art, history and technology and … time!