What is a virtual reality guided tour?

It is a journey through Ancient Rome where, together with descriptions of what you see, Spherae has succeeded in the challenge of reconstructing and putting the visitor at the centre of daily life over two thousand years ago.

How does the VR feel like?

Like a journey through time, you suddenly find yourself in the ancient world, next to the characters who lived in that period, in the streets of imperial Rome, among the chariots who ran in the Circus Maximus, them at the center of the scene in a succession of emotions and sensations

Virtual reality is not a 3D film but a spherical visual experience lived in subjective, in which the ancient landscape is all around the visitor at 360°.

Is it easy?

Spherae has studied for a long time the possible feelings of the tourist to such an innovative and immersive experience and has designed a simple, fun and exciting tour suitable for everyone.

Which is the difference with a traditional guided tour?

It’s a completely new experience, different from traditional guided tours, because it allows you to fully immerse in the ancient world, with a complete sensory involvement, placed at the center of a scene to be enjoyed at 360 ° through the use of an innovative technique of spherical immersion, to observe all around the daily life of the ancient world, listening to descriptions, stories and anecdotes.

What's the minimum age to join the tour?

For security reasons, the service is available from 8 years onwards.